Amazon Prime Music is finally available for Indian users

Amazon Prime Music
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Amazon Prime memberships come with a lot it in the package including early access to various deals, prime video and much more. The much-awaited Amazon Prime music is now finally available for Indian users. A full-scale launch event of Amazon Music service happened in India today. The service which comes under the Amazon Prime membership is now available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Fire TV, and on the web also. In short, the service is available for almost every platform which is quite good.

You can either access the Amazon Music via, or download it for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Fire TV. Unfortunately, it is not available yet for Android TV now. There is no expected timeline for the availability but we think it will happen sometime soon. It’s been a long time since Amazon announced that it will launch Amazon Music in India.

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Amazon Music is the cheapest music service in India

Amazon Music


Previously, the service was only available to the users of Amazon Echo speaker users. It was more like a testing phase before rolling out the fully fledged version. Also, one thing which you should be aware of is the service is officially named as Amazon Music, not Amazon Prime Music.

Since the Amazon Music comes under the Prime membership, you don’t need to pay extra for this and there is no option to buy this one separately. As of today, the Amazon Prime membership is available for INR 999 for a year. That’s Rs. 83.25 per month making the cheapest music service which you can buy in India. There is no special discount for students or any family pack like Apple Music.

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We tried searching some of the songs and even used the service for an hour or so and found it super easy and better. Although, we can’t give our opinions without using it for a while longer and comparing it with the others. Apart from that, the service seems quite good and its great that it is finally available to users.

We will soon be posting a review on Amazon Music and its comparison with various other leading music services available in India. Don’t forget to check it out.

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