We have all heard the rumors of Iphone 8 getting a fingerprint scanner through the glass panel it might show, it might not happen . But Qualcomm says we have the tech.

Fingerprint scanner for most of us lug up the image of a circular ring at the back or the front of the phone. But at MWC 2017 Shanghai the chipmaker announced a fingerprint scanner that would work underneath the screen of your phone.

Now you can touch your display anywhere and unlock your device, You do need to have a dedicated fingerprint sensor at the front or the back of the phone. It all works through glass as well as the metal. Which means if you want to unlock your phone from the back it does that also.Which coonote the manufacturers would  not need  to get a separate fingerprint sensor now they can have this embedded fingerprint sensor .The thing that make it more awesome is that it can work underwater.



On the technical side it can scan through: –




Qualcomm says that the tech will be available by 2018, and right now the tech is available on Snapdragon 660 and 630 mobile platforms. Though these processors are mid range processor so we can expect the feature to the mid-range devices.

Well there are a lot of questions regarding the tech, Will it works with screen protectors? Will apple bring us something better and more powerful? When will apple show there demo?Who will take the credit of the tech apple or Qualcomm? though there are only rumors of apple as of now !!

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