Linux is Running on Almost all of the Supercomputers

Linux is Running on Almost all of the Supercomputers

Quick Read: Linux is now running on 498 supercomputers out of 500 because of it’s customization and open source nature.

We all love Linux. Linux is one of the widest operating system used by various developers because of customization and open source nature. Linux may not be having great market share in Laptops, but it rules supercomputers though. Out of 500, 498 supercomputers are running on Linux while the remaining 2 goes for Unix.

There is not a single supercomputer which dared to run Windows. Since Apple does not have its own supercomputer, Mac OS is no exception.

Top 500, an independent organization, publishes the details about top 500 supercomputers twice a year. You can go the website and filter out the list based on country, OS type used, vendors etc.

Here are some of the interesting facts from the list if you’re feeling lazy.

Why is Linux the popular choice for supercomputers? 

After reading the stats, you might be wondering why the Linux is ruling supercomputers.

Linux is Running on Almost all of the Supercomputers

The growth of Linux on Supercomputers. Image credit: ZDNet

The biggest reason for the popular choice of Linux is, of course, the open source nature. Apart from that, It is more customizable than any other operating system. Supercomputers are specific computers build for a particular purpose or task. Therefore, it needs a unique operating system. Linux, because of its customization, fills up the purpose here.

Engineers can easily customize the Linux-based operating system for each of the supercomputers. Unix, on the other hand, is closed source and is an expensive deal when comes to customization.

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To summarize the list of top 500 supercomputers based on OS this year:

  • Linux: 498
  • Unix: 2
  • Windows: 0
  • MacOS: 0

To give you a year wise summary of Linux shares on the top 500 supercomputers:

  • In 2012: 94%
  • In 2013: 95%
  • In 2014: 97%
  • In 2015: 97.2%
  • In 2016: 99.6%
  • In 2017: 99.6
  • In 2018: ???

The only two supercomputers running Unix are ranked 493rd and 494th:

Linux is Running on Almost all of the Supercomputers

Supercomputers running Unix

Some other interesting stats about fastest supercomputers

Linux is Running on Almost all of the Supercomputers

Top 10 Fastest Supercomputers in 2017

Moving Linux aside, here are some other interesting stats about supercomputers this year:

  • World’s fastest supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight is based in National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, China. It has a speed of 93PFLOPS.
  • World’s second fastest supercomputer is also based in China (Tianhe-2) while the third spot is taken by Switzerland-based Piz Daint.
  • Out of the top 10 fastest supercomputers, USA has 5, Japan and China have 2 each while Switzerland has 1.
  • United Staes leads with 168 supercomputers in the list followed by China with 160 supercomputers.
  • Japan has 33, Germany has 28, France has 18, Saudi Arabia has 6, India has 4 and Russia has 3 supercomputers in the list.

Getting more curious? You can filter out the results on their website too.

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